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Elderberry Outdoor School in Maryland values the connection, care, flexibility, and community of a smaller school.

We value the enrichment of play and nature-based education, and cultivate children’s natural desires to explore, learn, and develop their skills and interests.

Kids learn best when school is immersive, fun, and supportive.

Transform your child’s learning

Your kids can love going to school!

We welcome families who are looking for community, support, and encouragement on their homeschool journey. We offer a drop-off tutorial three days per week for ages 5-13.

We have provided homeschool Umbrella and Tutorial services to Marylanders since 2018. Our tutorial program is located in Glen Arm, MD in Baltimore County.

What makes our learning environment different from traditional school?

  • Outdoor and nature-based
  • Interest-led, and self-directed
  • Play-based, and project-based
  • Developmentally appropriate

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Benefits of the Elderberry Outdoor School in Maryland


2-3 Days per Week

On a Local Farm

In Baltimore County

Full Day

9 AM-3 PM


Arrival, Pickup, Days off

Nature based education develops resilient children.

Classes take place safely outdoors on a local farm with shelter for inclement weather.

We’re meant to get our hands dirty. Especially when we’re young! Playing outdoors together is how we learn.

There are so many multi-disciplinary learning opportunities in nature. That’s why at Elderberry we learn and play outdoors nearly all day — every day!

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Reviews of our Outdoor Education from Maryland Families

Before finding Elderberry, we were reluctant homeschoolers…

“…unsure if we were going to stick with it or elect for public schooling. Once we started Elderberry there was no looking back. The guides are wonderful, attentive, and truly dedicated to supporting the education that we choose for our family. We feel seen, supported, and love having a safe place for our child to build meaningful relationships. We value the project-based learning and have loved watching our child’s confidence grow. As parents, it is gratifying to see our child so excited about their school experience!”

– Linette & Jasmine

Elderberry Outdoor School is one of a kind.

“The teachers are encouraging, enthusiastic, supportive, and knowledgeable. They create and support an environment that empowers their students to take the lead in their education while having fun outdoors, making friends and building community. Life and learning is fun here. When I pick up my son, he comes home with a sparkle in his eyes, inspired, and energized… and exhausted by bedtime! We are so thankful to be a part of the Elderberry community!”

– Brooke

Our daughter loves the time she spends at Elderberry.

“We are so grateful that she has the opportunity to be immersed in nature, free to play and surrounded by a nurturing community. The teachers at Elderberry are caring and creative and she loves her friends. She comes home with stories of learning and fun. I only wish I could attend myself!”

– Kate & Rob

Our daughter has grown her independence immensely since she joined Elderberry.

“What’s more is that she loves going there to explore, to learn, and to play with a great group of friends.”

– Justin & Caroline

Our Purpose at Elderberry Outdoor School

Developing a child’s natural motivation to learn, play, and explore on their own is our highest educational goal.