Community Events in Maryland

Join Elderberry Outdoor School at our community events

Open to members and non-members alike!


Elderberry Bookclub

We are excited to invite all parents who are currently homeschooling, or are interested in homeschooling, to our monthly bookclub!

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Teach Through Love Parenting Class & Support Group

We are so proud to offer this opportunity for parents looking to learn about conscious parenting and communication.


  • How to be less controlling without being permissive.
  • How to maintain a calm and consistent presence – even when your kids can’t!
  • How to break free of painful patterns and old habits of reacting.
  • How to set healthy boundaries and create win-win situations for you and your child.
  • How to gain the cooperation you are looking for without nagging.
  • ONE TOOL that is way more effective than ANY “logical consequence” or 1-2-3 training technique.

This offering is brought to you through a collaboration with Upward Spiral Wellness’ Nathalie Savell, LCPC, Certified Parent Educator, who is graciously granting Elderberry with 85% of the proceeds.

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