Program Rates for 2024-2025

    Opening day will be September 10, 2024 at Wishing Star Farm. Tuition will cover a total of 35 weeks, with our last day on June 12, 2025. Tuition rates include three tiers that families decide between. Each tier includes that many days/week with payments equally split between 9 months, due on August 15 through April 15. Umbrella enrollment is included with tuition price, and there is a 25% discount offered for additional siblings. Single day enrollment is only available on Wednesdays.

    The mission of Elderberry Outdoor School is to create a community of support and encouragement for homeschooling families, life-long individualized learning, and nature education through our homeschool umbrella and tutorial programs.

    Individualized financial agreements will be drawn up and automatic withdrawals will be set up through Omella, due on the 1st of each month. If you have questions about invoicing, please contact us.

    To meet our expenses:

    1 day (Wednesdays only) @ $275/mo ($2475/yr)

    2 days @ $475/mo ($4275/yr)

    3 days @ $625/mo ($5625/yr)

    To further support our mission:

    1 day (Wednesdays only) @ $325/mo ($2925/yr)

    2 days @ $525/mo ($4725/yr)

    3 days @ $675/mo ($6075/yr)

    To generously support our mission:

    1 day (Wednesdays only) @ $375/mo ($3375/yr)

    2 days @ $575/mo ($5175/yr)

    3 days @ $725/mo ($6525/yr)