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Elderberry helps parents rethink the nature of their children’s education. When deciding to homeschool, there are so many options, and many questions arise.

Work with an experienced Homeschool Consultant to help guide the way!

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Experience is the best teacher

Ever wonder if homeschooling might be for you? Having a mentor to guide you will help you find the right path for your family.

Transform Your Child’s Education

Our mission at Elderberry is to give all families access to tailor-made, living educational pathways for their children. We support and encourage families in their journey towards an educational approach that works for their children.

Being able to individualize instruction is homeschooling’s most powerful tool. We use our experience to help you create a plan that works for your family.

Ready to start homeschooling?

We are here to help you find the right path! Contact us today for homeschooling consulting services designed to fit your needs and solve your unique problems, starting from where you are.

homeschool consultant
homeschool consultant
homeschool consultant

Stuck somewhere?

An experienced Homeschool Consultant can help you on each step of your journey. Homeschool consulting services can help with:

Your Options

Understand the differences between schooling, teaching and learning. Understand your options for your state, and which groups may be available to help.

Your Plan

Identify long-term life/parenting goals. Plan out your homeschool year. Establish routines and schedules that work for your family.

Your Support

Connect to great resources. We sift through the overwhelming amount of information online, pointing you to what is relevant to your needs at the moment.

Get advice to evaluate, start, or improve homeschooling.

I love to help your homeschooling journey, wherever you are.
homeschool consulting service

Parents New to homeschooling

For new homeschool parents of a young child

What an exciting journey lies ahead of you! Get off to the right start with a homeschooling plan that works for your family. I will listen to your concerns, help you dial into developmentally appropriate goals, and provide routines, books, and suggestions for you and your child to make life easier, and learning enjoyable.

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From Schools to homeschooling

For new homeschool parents coming from institutions

You knew you were always responsible for your children’s education, but whoa – homeschooling takes this to a whole new level! Being able to talk to an experienced homeschooler, let alone a homeschool consultant, is invaluable.

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For established and experienced homeschool parents

What’s working? What’s not? How can we bridge that gap?

We know that what works for one child may not for another. I can help you through those inevitable struggles! What could middle or high school at home look like? Do you need a change of pace, a new approach, or a break?

Talking with an objective “outsider” like a Homeschool Consultant can help bring clarity to your needs, and guide and encourage you through rough spots.

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Transitions for HOMESCHOOLERS

For those of you going through a schooling life transition

Making a major life or school transition? What’s next on your journey?

Have you always dreamed of starting your own co-op, tutorial, or umbrella? Take some time to reflect and build on your ideas with experienced homeschool coaches by your side to discuss and advise on your next steps.

As with most things, if I could go back to tell my younger self one thing, it would be to not worry so much! Change is the only constant. Enjoy the journey with flexibility and compassion for yourself and others!
Jennifer DeVille

Homeschool Consultant
Co-Founder & Director of Elderberry Outdoor School
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